The Top 10 British Royal Scandals Throughout The Ages

King William II (Reign: 1087-1100)

Christian Mueller/Shutterstock

The British royals have always loved a good hunt, and King William II was no exception. On August 2, 1100, King William II set off with a hunting party that included his younger brother, Henry, and a nobleman named Walter Tirel. During the hunt, the King and Tirel went off on their own to chase a stag. It was then that Tirel allegedly “missed” the stag and shot an arrow straight through the King of England’s back, which killed him. Tirel who had a reputation for being an excellent shot, fled to France. Even more suspiciously, the King’s body wasn’t found until the next morning — and not by those in his hunting party, but by local farmers. Three days later, Henry took the English throne. Hmmm…