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Welcome to 3PercentMilk.com, where we curate and celebrate the best in movies, television, music, food, and travel.

At 3PercentMilk.com, we believe that life is richer when you immerse yourself in quality experiences — whether that’s a critically acclaimed film, a binge-worthy TV series, an unforgettable song, a mouthwatering dish, or a journey to an exotic locale. At 3PercentMilk.com, we believe that every article, every video, and every recommendation should add value to your day, ensuring that every interaction leaves you informed, inspired, and eager to explore more.

Blake Hoffman

Co-Founder of 3percentmilk.com

Blake Hoffman is a co-founder of 3percentmilk.com and an avid fan of sports, television and music. When Blake isn’t complaining about life as a fan of the Los Angeles Clippers, he can be found roaming the three-point line in rec leagues, claiming it’s just not his day on the golf course, or professing his love for the television shows Breaking Bad and The Bear.

Jason Fray

Senior Editor for 3percentmilk.com

Jason Fray has worked professionally in the world of digital media for 10+ years. When not listening to esoteric European pop music or checking out the latest hot spots in LA, he can probably be found doing pub trivia at a local bar.

Harris Ahmadzai

Senior Content Contributor for 3percentmilk.com

Harris Ahmadzai is a senior content contributor for 3percentmilk.com and is a devout fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, Oakland (Las Vegas) Raiders, and Los Angeles Dodgers. Harris’ celebrity man-crush is Peja Stojaković, and he considers himself a connoisseur of mediocre horror films and sour candy.

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