The 20 Best Places To Travel On A Tight Budget

20. Nicaragua

Nicaragua gets a bad reputation for some national turmoil during the 1980s in which the country was undergoing a revolution. However, many are now finding that Nicaragua is not only a perfectly safe place to travel, but the country boasts some of the most beautiful and scenic tropical coastlines around the world. Look to stay close to the beach for as low as 10 dollars a night.

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19. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a more developed version of Nicaragua. While some parts of the country are becoming more expensive, there are still a handful of beautiful vacation spots that won’t break your budget. Eco tourism is extremely popular here, with plenty of hostels offering bundle deals that average out to about 12 dollars a night.

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18. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is an extremely affordable city with plenty of culture, food, and amazing sights to keep you coming back. Take a stroll down the San Antonio River Walk, explore the rich colonial heritage of the Alamo, or enjoy a plethora of Texan seafood dishes that won’t disappoint. Look to skip staying in the heart of the city and get a room in neighborhoods like King William or Alamo Heights for a much better deal.

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17. Bali

Just because Bali is the most popular vacation spot in Indonesia does not mean that traveling here is going to break your bank. With beach side hostels for as low as 5 dollars per day, the most expensive part of your journey will be getting here. The country is second to none when it comes to tropical paradises. Spend the day sampling unique market food, chasing world-class surf, or just relaxing on the beach.

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16. Cuba

The United States and Cuba have had a tumultuous relationship since the Cold War. However, since Barrack Obama and Raul Castro shook hands at the Summit of the Americas in Panama, the relationship between the two countries has been warming up. Cuba is home to stunning white sand beaches and an exotic nightlife scene. Prices are still extremely low here but won’t be for long- so get down to Cuba before it’s too late.

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15. Portugal

Portugal might be the best bargain deal for traveling in Western Europe. For one of the more quiet and isolated countries in Europe, it has an array of unique culture, cuisine, and sights worth traveling to. Look to travel south to hit the beaches and skip the crowd, or head to Lisbon to check out some architecture that dates back to the 1500s.

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14. Boston, Massachusetts

Travel to Boston and enjoy all that New England has to offer. Forget about renting a car, Boston is extremely ‘walker friendly’ and has plenty of public transportation to take you anywhere you want to go. Take a stroll into Faneuil Hall Marketplace and enjoy a craft beer, or skip out of the city to get a lobster roll in a sleepy seaside town on the south shore. With plenty of hotels and bread and breakfasts, you can sleep comfortably for only 60 dollars a night.

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13. Mexico

The US dollar stretches very far in Mexico. While there are plenty of places that are considered to be extremely dangerous for tourists, there are just as many that are safe. Head to Ensenada in Baja to hit the beautiful beaches and enjoy the best fish taco you have ever eaten.

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12. Turkey

While Turkey has been one of the most popular vacation spots in years past, unrest in other parts of the Middle East have hotel rates here plummeting. Turkey is a land in its own, a frontier where Western and Eastern cultures diverge into one. The country possesses a cuisine like no other place on Earth, a beautiful coastline, and one of the most fascinating cities in the world in Istanbul.

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11. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach has some of the best summer hotel rates along the eastern seaboard. With miles of coastline, numerous golf courses, and plenty of nightlife options, Myrtle Beach is the perfect last minute summer getaway. Look to grab a couple of friends and rent a multi-bedroom house for the best rates in Myrtle Beach.

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10. Egypt

Recovering from a 2011 ousting of President Hosni Mubarak, Egypt saw some of its worst tourism numbers in 2013. With an increase in national security in the past few years, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the next to nothing hotel rates. Tour the streets of Cairo, take sail down the Nile, or take awe at the Great Pyramids of Giza on a cheap and unforgettable trip to Egypt.

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9. Hawaii

Isn’t Hawaii extremely expensive to travel to? Yes, but only for a select few months of the year. Skip the holiday rush, the winter blues, and travel to Hawaii in the spring or summer and enjoy extremely low tourism rates without the crowds. Stay in Honolulu for your classic Hawaiian getaway, or skip over to the sleepy North Shore of Oahu to witness professional surfing.

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8. Hong Kong

Hong Kong has some of the most beautiful cityscapes in the entire world. Live like a King in Hong Kong for as low as 60 dollars a night. Take advantage of the amazing culture and visit during the Chinese New Year or the Spring Lantern Festival. Add in Hong Kong’s famous shopping centers, and you get a spectacular country every person should experience at least once.

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7. Adirondacks, New York

New York’s Northern Adirondack region hosts some of the most stunning scenery found in the Northeastern part of the United States. A manageable distance from Boston, New York, and Montreal, the region provides the perfect escape from any metropolitan area. Head during winter months to enjoy skiing, ice skating, or cozying up by the fire, or during summer months for white water rafting, boating, and hanging by the lake. A completely affordable outdoor getaway, the Adirondacks is waiting.

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6. Thailand

Thailand has been a popular vacation spot for backpackers for years. The country offers up some of the most picturesque islands and beautiful countryside hikes. The national cuisine is delectable and unique. Travel Thailand and explore all the country has to offer for next to nothing.

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5. Italy

People have been traveling to Italy for years, and many parts of the country are extremely expensive. Look to stay in a countryside neighborhood and traveling here can be the exact opposite. Not only will your travel experience be much more affordable, it will be ten times more authentic. Look to places like the mountainside town of San Donato Val Di Comino for your Italian getaway.

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4. Nashville, Tennessee

Not only is Nashville known for having some of the best hotel prices in the south, but it is also known for having the best live music in the US. An extremely laid back city, this is the perfect relaxing getaway. Not a country fan? Not a problem. Nashville has plenty of other entertainment options, just don’t expect to escape the southern hospitality.

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3. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is Argentina’s big, cosmopolitan capital city. It is a large metropolis that resembles a European city with a Latin American twist. Stay here in a fancy hotel for as low as 55 dollars a night, go clubbing and do the Tango all night, or wake up early and beat the crowds to the big shopping centers. Whatever you do, you will save lots of money experiencing Buenos Aires.

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2. Colombia

Columbia is eager for an increase in tourism, and prices here reflect just that. With vibrant festivals, highly touted coffee plantations, and a unique landscape where forests diverge into tropical beaches, Columbia is perfect for your next South American getaway. Look to stay at a bed and breakfast in Bogota for as low as 20 dollars a night.

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1. Key West, Florida

Known for its white sand beaches, friendly locals, and extremely laid back vibes, Key West is a year round getaway spot. Weather you’re looking to escape the harsh winters of the north, or get a more tropical summer experience, Key West is ranked for having some of the most affordable vacation rentals. Forget about stress in Key West, this place is as relaxing as it gets.

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