24 Dates That Will Leave Your Valentine Swooning

1. Splurge On A Nice Dinner

This might be an obvious one, but take your valentine to a romantic dinner they won’t soon forget. In such a busy world, we sometimes forget how nice it is to sit down and enjoy each other’s company. Spending 2-3 hours dining and rekindling your flame will definitely make for a perfect date.
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2. Be A Tourist in Your own Neighborhood

We all make fun of the tourists who go on those tours of the city but secretly wonder what they are like. Now is your time to find out! Grab a map and hop onto that bus tour with your sweetheart. You never know what you could learn about the place you live in!
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3. Have a Spa Day

Whether you choose to treat your valentine to a day at a professional spa or bring the operation in-house, your boo will appreciate the act of relaxing together. A couple’s massage and facial could bring you closer, or a homemade bath bomb in a soak for two will have them feeling spoiled and pampered! With calming music, a few candles and some spa treatments, your valentine will be bragging to their friends about your perfect date.
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4. Have a Photo Shoot

Show your loved one how much they mean to you by holding a photoshoot. Have your date pose and be their personal photographer as you highlight the features that you love most. They’re also going to get some dope Instagram pics out of this experience, too.

5. Check Out a New Band

There’s nothing more exciting than finding new music. If you check out a band and end up liking them, not only will you have some new tunes for your playlist, but you’ll be able to associate your new music with your valentine! You might even end up getting you and your significant other’s “song” out of it!

6. Have Your Own Episode of Chopped

A fun and creative date for a couple on a budget this Valentine’s day is to go to your local food market and each pick out three items without telling the other. When you are back home, you must create a meal using all six ingredients. Not only will the act of cooking bring you together, but you also might have just invented your new favorite go-to dish!

7. Test Your Knowledge

Test your knowledge of pop culture and current events with your boo! This date is perfect for a new couple because you can invite other couples to play along! Whether it’s girls vs. guys or couples against one another, you’re going to have a great time this Valentine’s day!

8. Have Some Laughs at a Comedy Club

Going to a comedy club is a fantastic Valentine’s date! Grab a drink and relax with your date while the comedian does all of the work for you. No need to be stressing about having jokes here! And afterwards, you can talk about the jokes you heard and have a few inside ones of your own!

9. Go Ice Skating

If you are dating someone new, ice skating is the date for you. It is more than likely that one of you will be better at skating than the other. Take this opportunity to either physically support or be supported by your date. There will definitely be tons of hand-holding and this no-pressure date will have you poking fun at each other’s balance skills in no time.

10. Hike to See the Sunset

There’s nothing like pushing each other on a hike to get to a destination together. It strengthens your relationship and will have you both feeling healthier. Sit and bask in the distance that you have accomplished by watching the sunset together. Just make sure to drink lots of water!

11. Take a Spontaneous Trip

Whether you are finding a crazy last-minute deal to Mexico or taking a weekend trip and end up at a hotel when you both are tired of driving, being spontaneous is important in a relationship. Just when your date thought they knew everything about you, they are packing for a trip they just found out about five minutes ago. Spontaneous trips will leave you feeling young and in love forever.
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12. Treat Yo Selves!

It’s important to treat yourself once in a while, and what better time to do that than with your bae? This is a date you might have to save up for if you are a baller on a budget, but put aside a certain amount of money and spend the day treating yourself and your valentine to things you normally would not buy for yourselves.

13. Get Tipsy and Paint

Get in touch with your inner Picasso at a local wine and paint night. You’ll have something that you can take home and display. Every time they see the paintings you two created, your date will be reminded of what a wonderful night you shared.

14. Make a Wish on the First Star You See

If you are on a tight budget this Valentine’s Day, this date costs nearly nothing. With a few blankets for cuddling and some snacks, the sky is your personal theatre. Gazing at the stars will bring you and your date closer together as you make a wish on the first star you see. Plus, you get to spend some quality time connecting with your valentine.

15. Get Oscars-Ready

Get ready for the Oscars by spending a day at the movie theatre. In between watching all of the nominees for best picture, take a break and get some food. With this date, you’re guaranteed for a second when the Oscars roll around!

16. Sing Your Hearts Out

Karaoke might sound corny, but it is such a fun idea for a date! Your valentine will be seriously impressed if you are willing to let your walls down and look silly in front of them and a crowd of strangers. If you’re worried that you are too shy for a date like this, do not fear: where there is karaoke, alcohol is usually never far away.

17. Plan a Romantic Scavenger Hunt

This is a date for a couple who has been together for a while. Spend Valentine’s Day with your boo by making them travel across town attempting to solve the creative riddles that you have come up with. Just make sure the final clue leads to something special like a romantic dinner or a thoughtful gift.

18. Go to an Aquarium

There’s something about being in an aquarium that just makes your heart feel open. Being in the presence of beautiful sea creatures makes the body more relaxed and in turn more open to love. Whether you’re on your first date or your 100th, holding hands and taking in the mysteries of the ocean together is a guaranteed way to get a goodnight kiss.

19. Go Back to Your First Date

Take your date back to the classroom where you met in 4th grade or the train station that you exchanged numbers at and explain to them how much they mean to you. By taking your valentine back to the place where it all began, those new-love butterflies are sure to come back out to play. Not only does this date show how much you care, but it’s not going to break the bank.

20. Take an Exercise Calss Together

Exercising with your valentine will get your heart rates up and leave you both feeling energized for a day together. Just make sure that this date is not a surprise. No girl wants to get ready for two hours only to find out that they’re going to be doing hot yoga.
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21. Volunteer

There’s nothing like giving back to make the heart feel full. Spending some of your Valentine’s Day giving back to those who can’t afford to do anything extravagant for their loved ones will make you feel good inside. And if you’re for some reason)not into the whole feeling-good-inside thing, your date will definitely think you are a good person.

22. Take a Dance Class!

Dance together! This does not mean going to a club and dancing as if you are trying to procreate, no. Take a ballroom dancing or salsa class and impress your date with your moves. Learning something together will bring you closer and you’re sure to impress your friends at the next party.

23. Rent a Cool Car for the Day

Renting a classic car for the day and just driving is something that our generation has lost. No one really has time to just drop everything and go for a drive, especially not with current gas prices! But just getting in a car that is yours for the day and driving to nowhere in particular will reignite your senses of adventure and love for each other.

24. Escape a Room

A new trend that friends and couples are doing is voluntarily getting locked inside of a room and using clues to figure out how to get out. This has the opportunity to make a relationship and also break it. Be patient! Just make sure that you remind yourself that this is just a date and you are not actually trapped in a room. Go into the date with the attitude that whether you succeed in “getting out” or not, you are trying to connect with your valentine and solve something together.