A Timeline Of The 25 Key Moments That Led To President-elect Donald Trump

It took a string of improbable and nearly impossible events all working together, one after the other, to lead to the most surprising sentence in American history: Donald Trump is the President-Elect of the United States of America. Here are the 25 key moments that led to this shocking outcome:

1. The Birther Controversy, March 2011

Way back in 2011, in Barack Obama’s first term, Donald Trump was a businessman and host of The Apprentice. Trump decided to make his first move in to politics by locking on to a fringe right conspiracy theory, adamantly claiming that President Obama, the nation’s first black president, was not born in Hawaii, but rather Kenya. Trump stirred up enough controversy that Obama eventually released a document confirming that he had indeed been born in Hawaii. Trump proved nothing, but managed to make his first in-roads with some Republican voters.

Image Source: The Daily Beast

2. The Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump, March 2011

Trump continued his concerted effort to get more national public attention by agreeing to be roasted by Comedy Central. Hosted by Seth MacFarlane, the comedians teed off on Trump’s businesses, hairstyle, family, and wealth. At the end of the show, Trump made a speech stating that if he ran for President, he’d go down as “The greatest President in the history of America.” Months later, Trump declined to run in 2012.

Image Source: Business Insider

3. Trump gets regular spot on Fox News, April 2011

After spearheading the Birther movement, right wing news outlet Fox News invited Trump to be a regular contributor on a Monday morning spot. The move was announced even though Trump seemed like he may declare for the 2012 Presidential campaign. The weekly spot gave him his first regular chance to espouse his views and political ideas to tens of million Republicans nationwide.

Image Source: Fox News Insider