Tuesday Ten – 10 New Songs To Get You Through The Week (4/11 Edition)

What we’re listening to this week:

1. “Friends” – Francis and the Lights (featuring Bon Iver)

This track was released last July, but it’s definitely worth revisiting. Minimalistic synths and finger snaps accompany the dulcet vocals of Francis and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, creating a mellow vibe perfect for the upcoming beautiful spring days.

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2. “Keep Running” – Tei Shi

Crawl Space, the debut album of Tei Shi (also known as Valerie Teicher) is deeply personal to the artist. The LP’s title is a reference to an area of her childhood home she would go in to overcome her fear of the dark. Teicher’s first few EPs are indicative of her massive talent, but with Crawl Space, she conquers her present day insecurity: being brave enough to truly step into her artistry.

Image Source: Tonje Thilesen

3. “Fallss” – Bayonne

Bayonne (given name Roger Sellers) wrote “Fallss” about the growth he’s going through as both an artist, and as a man in his late 20’s. The atmospheric single is somehow out of body in its vibe. It captures the transitory state that the musician — and surely others his age — are going through.

Image Source: Pooneh Ghana

4. “Hold You Close”/ “Glass” – Eli Sostre

Brooklyn singer and producer Eli Sostre released two new tracks last week, and since both are equally great, they’re each included on the list. “Hold You Close” is an expansive and moody lament about love. “Glass” is brooding, as well, but with a more rapid pulse, and a touch of bitterness to Sostre’s spitting lyrics.

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5. “Anymore” – Goldfrapp

British duo Goldfrapp formed in 1999, with their musical roots in electronic music. Though their songs are always distinctive with Alison Goldfrapp’s breathy vocals and Will Gregory’s synth arrangements, the band has flirted with other genres, including glam rock and ambient. Their newest album, Silver Eye, finds them returning to their industrial, electronic disco style.

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6. “Holloway Road” – Tara Carosielli

With just two songs out currently, London synth-pop artist Tara Carosielli is a new face to the music scene. “Holloway Road” is sensuous and contemplative – listen to the track with headphones on to more clearly hear the nuances of the plucked synth, rumbling bass, and Carosielli’s dreamy voice.

Image Source: Alexander Jordan

7. “Don’t Act Like a Stranger” – Cathedrals

Cathedrals, a San Francisco duo, introduced the world to their melodic, slightly edgy synth-pop in 2014 with their self-titled EP. The band returns with “Don’t Act Like A Stranger,” a single that tells the sorrow of a broken relationship, but with a message of resilience and hope woven throughout.

Image Source: Casey Catelli

8. “Love is Mystical” – Cold War Kids

Los Angeles residents will appreciate Cold War Kids’ sixth studio album, L.A. Divine, because the alt-rockers aim to present the city in a more grounded way. The band formed in 2004 after meeting at Biola University, and their gritty, piano-driven style has been shaped by the culture of Southern California. Frontman Nathan Willett says he aims to “reinvent” the lofty impressions people have of L.A. The city has its glitzy hotspots, sure, but it is also a place that continues to inspire artists beyond its commercialized context.

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9. “Your Love” – Haerts

A driving guitar begins “Your Love,” aptly bringing a feeling of recklessness to this song about the irrationalities of the heart. Singer Nini Fabi tells of the craziness that can overtake us while in a relationship, with lyrics such as, “I don’t want your love/If you can breathe without it.”

Image Source: Julian Klincewicz

10. “Now Or Never” – Halsey

Synth-pop star Halsey recently released the first single off her upcoming album, hopeless fountain kingdom. Halsey’s singular voice patters quickly through the verses, and the chorus opens up with a deep bass line and Halsey’s vocal melismas. The new album comes out in June, and if it’s as catchy as “Now Or Never,” it’ll definitely be on our playlists this summer.

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