Tuesday Ten – 10 New Songs To Get You Through The Week (3/14 Edition)

Here are 10 tracks to carry you to the weekend:

1. “Love Is Alive” – Louis the Child (featuring Elohim)

Freddy Kennett and Robby Hauldren, the duo behind Louis The Child, started performing together in 2013, while still in high school. “Love Is Alive” is dreamlike and addictive, with Elohim’s echoey vocals countered by a rumbling bass line.

Image Source: Jason Siegel

2. “No Talk” – River Tiber

River Tiber, also known as Toronto musician Tommy Paxton-Beesley, creates songs made for darkened rooms and hazy nights. Paxton-Beesley lends his mysterious R&B vibes to many other artists as a producer and collaborator – “No Talk” was first sampled on Drake’s “No Tellin’.”

Image Source: Devon Little

3. “BagBak” – Vince Staples

“BagBak,” the newest single from Long Beach rapper Vince Staples, is a furious song, in both sound and content. Listen as Staples speaks out against important social issues, like racial profiling and the lack of diversity in politics.

Image Source: Meredith Truax

4. “Cute” – D.R.A.M.

Big Baby D.R.A.M.’s single “Cute” is feel-good and funny. The accompanying music video is true to D.R.A.M.’s playful style – check it out to see his Muppet doppelgänger find love.

Image Source: Monica Schipper

5. “27 Club” – Ivy Levan (Goshfather & Jinco Remix)

Ivy Levan’s “27 Club” is reminiscent of an Amy Winehouse song, and it’s great on its own. The track becomes arguably even better with Goshfather & Jinco’s take on it. G&J provide a trappy soundscape that pairs unbelievably well with Levan’s rich voice.

Image Source: Sequoia Emmanuelle

6. “Give Me Something” – Jarryd James

With soulful vocals and synth based tracks, the music of Australian artist Jarryd James sounds both retro and current. “Give Me Something” is a prime example of this unique melding of eras.

Image Source: wearemahogany.com

7. “Issues” – Julia Michaels

23-year-old Julia Michaels is a gifted songwriter, having penned tracks for artists like Gwen Stefani and Justin Bieber, but she also has a gorgeous voice of her own. Michaels’s debut single, “Issues,” is a beautiful introduction to her as an artist.

Image Source: Lindsay O’Brien

8. “Just the Same” – Bruno Major

Bruno Major, an English singer-songwriter, wrote “Just the Same” only about a month ago, in early February. The raw track he released showcases his powerful vocals over a melancholic, piano-centered foundation.

Image Source: mindequalsblown.net

9. “Killing Me to Love You” – Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Born in 1996, Australia native Tim Bettinson began Vancouver Sleep Clinic at only 17 years old. His atmospheric music possesses the maturity of one much older, and the single “Killing Me to Love You” is mournfully stunning.

Image Source: metrolyrics.com

10. “Alpine” – Linying

It is nearly impossible to listen to Singapore musician Linying’s song “Alpine” without getting the chills. Her voice starts out delicate and haunting before its emotional swell midway through the track.

Image Source: Tan Yan Long, a.k.a. Longaguu