The Only 10 People Who Could Sing The National Anthem At Trump’s Inauguration

President Barack Obama had powerhouse singers perform at his inaugurations. Hillary Clinton’s campaign was star-studded. This begs the question: Who all is left to perform at President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration?

Let’s take a look at the 10 individuals most likely to perform the national anthem on January 20:

1. Kid Rock

Both a Trump supporter and successful entertainer, Kid is most likely Trump’s first choice. Plus, he sure can rock stars and stripes!

Image Source: Reddit

2. Justin Bieber

Like Trump, he was also the subject of a Comedy Central Roast, and, as we all know, the roastlines run deep.

Image Source: WonderWordz

3. Gary Busey

A noteworthy contestant of The Celebrity Apprentice and out-and-proud Trump supporter, you just know he would do something special with that song. I, for one, would love to see whatever viral garbage he pulls.

Image Source: GlobeGazette

4. Taylor Swift

America’s sweetheart never formally supported anyone at the risk of losing fans, and she appeals to a lot of people…

What? She’s a woman?

You’re right, that’s ridiculous. My mistake, sorry.

Image Source: Coolspotters

5. Moranbong

Don’t know who they are? Well, you’ll know them soon enough! They’re North Korea’s (sorry… Kim Jong-Un’s) all-female pop band, famous for being a group of musicians selected by their country’s supreme leader! They’re so cute and sparkly and good for morale and we’ll all have the same leader soon anyway!

Image Source: New York Daily News

6. That Bitch From Choir Who Got All The Solos

This is her first gig since graduation and she could really use this right now.

Image Source: Billboard

7. Donald Trump

Because what can’t this guy do? Also, nothing says take-charge like taking charge of the mic at your own party. Set that example, The Donald!

Image Source: Contemptor

8. Gary Busey… again

Gary! Get down from there! You already sang it! Ha! You’re too much!

Image Source: The Lost Ogle

9. OMG YAAAAAS BEYONCÉ…..’s Hologram

Nothing brings people together like a catchy Beyoncé song (also known as a Beyoncé song), but Beyoncé is too busy BEING A WOMAN to attend. The administration would be willing to settle for a rendered hologram of Beyoncé’s performance of the national anthem from the 2013 Obama Inauguration. All The Single Ladies! Now put your hands up! But not too close to the projector or you’ll go through her!

Image Source: Gossip On This

10. This Puppy in Front of The American Flag!

OMG IT’S SO CUTE I JUST WANT TO CUDDLE IT AND ALL MY TROUBLES ARE GONE. Who could waste time worrying about things like national security when we can just look at adorable animals instead?

Image Source: Benton