The 24 Best Drinking Games To Play From College Until Your 90th Birthday

24. Quarters

Let’s be honest, everyone knows this game, but no one actually plays it. If you only have a quarter to work with, then you probably can’t afford beer in the first place.

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23. “Thunderstruck”

I don’t think I can listen to this AC/DC song anymore without a beer in my hand. Well I could, but then it’s not as much fun.

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22. Dizzy-Bat

If you’ve been to a college campus, you are probably familiar with this hilarious drinking game. I still have the scars on my arm to prove it’s a good time. Just watch out for the fence as you round third.

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21. Indian Poker

It’s all fun and games until you’re betting heavily against a 3, only to find out you’ve had a 2 this whole time.

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20. Power Hour

While this may seem like less of a game than the others on this list, seeing which of your friends can make it through the full hour of this game is always a good time. It sounds so easy until the 20th minute when you realize you’re only a third of the way there.

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19. Fuck the Dealer

One of the many casual pre-game card games on this list, fuck the dealer can bring out the worst in all of us. Cheering on your friend to get screwed at the end of the game and have to finish multiple drinks in minutes is what it’s all about.

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18. Hockey

One of the first games that most college freshmen are introduced to, this game is always a good way to single out the worst goalie of the group. After you learn how to keep that quarter spinning the whole time, it’s pretty easy to force one of your friends to be a few more beers deep than they had planned on this Monday night.

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17. Drunk Jenga

This game is hilarious enough, but writing drinking rules on each block makes it even better. Just wait for your drunkest friend to lose a few times before you tell them to sit the next one out.

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16. Flip Cup

While this is a great game, its uses are better as components of other classic drinking games. You better get pretty good at flipping those red solo cups if you want to be decent at any drinking game.

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15. Cheers to the Governor

This is a game that you can’t play too drunk or too sober. It has that perfect balance that can take you from a little buzzed to stumbling on your way to the beer fridge.

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14. King’s Cup

For a long time, this was my go-to drinking game. It has all the necessary elements of interesting rules, creative freedom, and the ability to screw one person over at the end. Just remember when filling that middle cup, karma always finds you.

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13. Drunk Driver (Beerio Kart)

As if Mario Kart wasn’t fun enough. Try finishing a beer during your race to weed out the alcoholics from the regular people. Just don’t mess with me on Wario Stadium.

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12. Soccer

If you’ve never played this game before, then you need to try it. An adaptation of flip cup and beer pong, this fast-paced game could take a long time to end. Just don’t miss your shot, because there is a lot more beer coming your way before you get another one.

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11. Horse Races

If you love drinking and gambling as much as my friends and I do, then this is the game for you. It’s a perfect way to screw your friends or yourself over in a very short amount of time. Just bet everything on clubs.

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10. Corners (or Titties)

Another fast-paced drinking game, this 2 vs 2 table game can add some reprieve from playing beer pong every night. You and your partner need some chemistry, or this could be a long night of chugging for you.

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9. 7’s, 11’s and Doubles

This might be one of the best games to single one person out. Just make sure that person isn’t you, or you may never trust your friends with dice again.

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8. Baseball

This is way better than the actual sport, because something actually happens every inning. And why wouldn’t you go for a home-run every time? With your impeccable batting average and evident drinking problem, nothing can stop you.

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7. Ride the Bus

One of the best card games out there, everyone gets screwed playing this game. Three rounds of this and you’ll need to ride the bus home from whatever house you’re at.

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6. Presidents and Assholes

This four player card game is the best form of electing presidents and assholes this country has. If only actual politics worked the same way, at least we’d get to drink through this electoral college travesty.

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5. Fuck the King

The combination of fuck the dealer and king’s cup is exactly what it sounds like; a good idea until one round leads to enough drinking for three nights. But seriously, where would we be without it?

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4. Frisknock (or Beersbie)

This Frisbee drinking game is the best way to soak up too much sun and dehydrate yourself further with a lot of beer at the same time. The only real reason to live somewhere sunny is so you can play this game year-round.

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3. Beer Pong

Everyone knows this game, but you’re probably playing at pretty low stakes. We all know a double troll is a naked mile. If you and your partner are that bad, chances are you’ll be streaking with Frank the Tank by the end of the night anyway.

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2. Beer Die

A game best played in the morning so you can continue playing it all day. I have found that if you’re good at this game, you tend to win.

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1. Rage Cage

Find the weak link, and really lay into them here. The best drinking game there is; it’s never a bad idea to weed out the weakest drinker of your friends to build some character.

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